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Pre-Listing Inspections in Vancouver, BC

Advantages for Sellers:

  1. You can choose a Home Sweet Home Inspections inspector rather than be at the mercy of the buyer's inspector, who may not be similarly qualified.
  2. You can schedule the inspection at your convenience, and eliminate having umpteen inspectors traipsing through your home in a "multiple offer" situation.
  3. The inspection will alert you to items of immediate concern, such as safety items, or major repairs prior to any viewings.
  4. You can assist the inspector during the inspection, something normally not done during a buyer's inspection.
  5. The inspection report can help you to realistically price the home if problems do exist.
  6. The report can help you realize a higher asking price if problems don't exist or have been corrected.
  7. A pre-listing inspection reveals problems ahead of time, which:
  1. if repairs are made, can make the home show better.
  2. it gives the seller time to make repairs or shop for competitive contractors, and attach repair estimates or paid invoices to the inspection report.
  3. the report can mitigate/eliminate over-inflated buyer-procured estimates from the negotiation table.
  1. The report provides a third-party, unbiased opinion to offer to potential buyers. How? Our ultimate responsibility is to the house, not who pays the bill.
  2. A pre-listing inspection allows the inspection report to be used as a marketing tool.
  3. A pre-listing inspection report is the ultimate gesture in forthrightness on your part, and as our ultimate responsibility as professional Inspectors, is to the property no matter who pays us, which in the end is actually the buyer.
  4. The report can relieve a prospective buyer's unfounded suspicions, before they walk away.
  5. The sale is less likely to fall apart, as they can, when a buyer's inspection unexpectedly reveals a last-minute problem, eliminating 11th hour re-negotiations.
  6. The report may encourage the buyer to waive the inspection contingency.
  7. The report provides full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.

Advantages for Buyers:

  1. The inspection is done already, by a fully trained professional Inspector, no need to settle for an unqualified inspector just because your preferred inspector is already booked.
  2. You can save money by hiring us to do a walk through inspection with you rather than commissioning another full inspection, something we would also be happy to do for you and is recommended if the date from the pre-listing inspection is over six months old.
  3. The report provides for an accurate third-party view of the condition of the home prior to making an offer.
  4. A Pre-listing inspection eliminates surprise defects. Major problems can be corrected, or at least acknowledged, prior to making an offer on the home.
  5. A Pre-listing inspection reduces the need for negotiations and 11th-hour re- negotiations.
  6. The report might assist in acquiring financing.
  7. A pre-listing inspection allows the buyer to sweeten the offer without increasing the offering price by waiving inspections.
  8. Pre-listing inspections help to eliminate "buyer's remorse" that sometimes occurs just after an inspection.
  9. Pre-listing inspections reduce the need for 11th-hour re-negotiations, this is particularly advantageous in a multiple offer situation.

Advantages for Realtors:

  1. Sellers can schedule the inspections at their convenience, with little or no effort on the part of agents.
  2. Sellers can assist inspectors during the inspections, something normally not done during buyers' inspections.
  3. The reports help sellers see their homes through the eyes of a critical third-party, thus making sellers more realistic about asking price.
  4. Agents are alerted to any immediate safety or major issues found, before other agents and potential buyers tour the home.
  5. Repairs made ahead of time could make homes show better.
  6. Reports hosted online entice potential buyers to tour the homes.
  7. The reports provide third-party, unbiased opinions to offer to potential buyers.
  8. Clean reports can be used as marketing tools to help sell the homes.
  9. The reports might relieve prospective buyers' unfounded suspicions, before they walk away.
  10. Pre-listing inspections help to eliminate "buyer's remorse" that sometimes occurs just after an inspection.
  11. Pre-listing inspections reduce the need for negotiations and 11th-hour re-negotiations.
  12. Pre-listing inspections relieve you, the listing agent, of having to hurriedly procure repair estimates or schedule repairs.
  13. The reports can encourage buyers to waive their inspection contingencies.
  14. Deals are less likely to fall apart, the way they often do, when buyer's inspections unexpectedly reveal last-minute problems.
  15. Reports provide full-disclosure protection from future legal claims.

› Click here for a list of questions to ask before selecting a house inspector.

To book your Metro Vancouver pre-listing home inspection, call us at 604.271.2005 or book an inspection online.

Our Vancouver home inspectors service Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Delta, Langley, and the Gulf Islands on special request.

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quote-marks-left.jpgThe prelisting inspection that Home Sweet Home Inspections provided for my Seller was very helpful in securing a fast sale for both parties. The report was very thorough and provided the buyer with a clear picture of the homes condition along with recommendations for future repairs. It was written in an neutral, professional and knowledgeable manner. Both Seller and Buyer were very satisfied with the ease of the transaction because the condition of the home was presented up front, eliminating the stressful renegotiation process that sometimes comes up after an inspection. Thanks Chris.quote-marks-right.jpg
ML, ReMax

quote-marks-left.jpgThank you for this report, it's absolutely fantastic. Much more thorough than I thought it would be. The recommendations you've made are great and if I'm the lucky new owner, they will be implemented! I'm putting the offer in this afternoon, so we all have our fingers crossed. Thanks once again for coming on such short notice, I really appreciated it.quote-marks-right.jpg

quote-marks-left.jpgThe report was exceptionally thorough, complete and helpful. The format was so easy to read and detailed.quote-marks-right.jpg
M. Meyer, Vancouver

quote-marks-left.jpgYou were very thorough - I've purchased many homes over the years and your information was the best of the bunch.quote-marks-right.jpg
Marian Rankin

quote-marks-left.jpgWe liked the details and full coverage of the report, and also the speed at receiving the full written report.quote-marks-right.jpg
T & P Furlong, Vancouver

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